About Snow & Co

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Snow & Co principal Bert Snow is an award-winning designer and leader with a history of innovation in digital learning and game design.  Bert works with a network of colleagues to design and develop engaging, effective digital learning experiences that draw on the strengths of game design while focusing on fitting into learners lives and meeting and educators needs. 

Bert brings over 20 years’ experience leading creative and technical teams in all aspects of design and production.  Projects ranging from language learning games to business simulations to interactive museum exhibits and rock and roll Playstation games.

Bert is the author of the Gates Foundation funded research report, The Potential for Game-based Learning to Improve Outcomes for Nontraditional Students, and has directed other research/design projects involving game-based learning, with funding from NIDA and DARPA.  Current partners Bert is working on include:

  • The Library of Congress: Bert is leading design for the KidCitizen project, which provide engaging new digital episodes and tools for young students (and their teachers) to engage with history through primary sources from the Library of Congress. www.kidcitizen.net

  • Ten Thousand Feet: Bert is helping create digital learning experiences that extend the brilliant and successful face-to-face learning simulations that Ten Thousand Feet is known for. www.tenthousandfeet.com

  • Muzzy Lane Software: With Muzzy Lane, Bert has led design work and collaborations with partners including McGraw-Hill Education, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Pearson, National Geographic, Library of Congress, and others. He has been instrumental in the design of Muzzy Lane’s AUTHOR cloud-based tools for creating game-based learning simulations, and serves as a senior design advisor, and uses AUTHOR tools in many projects.

Before joining Muzzy Lane, Bert was a founder and lead designer of Virtual Music, a company that pioneered the music-game genre, and created groundbreaking music-gaming titles including Quest for Fame starring Aerosmith.  Virtual Music was acquired by Namco in 2000.  
Bert also has been very involved in the creation of the River Valley Charter School, a public Montessori-based school.  He holds a BA with highest honors in Art from Williams College, and speaks frequently on game design and learning.

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