Practice Spanish


Immersive Language

Player builds language skills to complete missions and solve a mystery in a virtual Columbian city.

Immersive language learning in a virtual Columbian City

Bert Snow led the design and development of Practice Spanish: Study Abroad, working with a team of editors, writers, and language-specialists at McGraw-Hill Education, and game designers, artists, and developers at Muzzy Lane. 

In Practice Spanish: Study Abroad, students hone beginning Spanish language skills while exploring a fictional Colombian town.  A full Spanish curriculum underpins the characters, situations, and scenery in this program.  Students complete a series of objectives within each of thirteen Quests, and solving intriguing mysteries along the way.

The Quests will take students through a variety of realistic experiences in your host city of Quyé, many of them featuring the kinds of challenges any student will face studying abroad.

But there is often a thrilling twist to each story—how can you help the language institute get rid of a terrifying ghost? How can you and your friends break the spell cast over a birthday party? How can you save a dying tree from a vengeful spirit of nature? The goal is to complete the objective of each Quest while exhibiting a high level of language mastery in all interactions—and to enjoy the process of learning abroad.


Mobile mini-games

Students prepare the vocabulary and grammar they'll need in mobile-friendly mini-games.

Prior to entering each Quest, students can prepare via related mobile-friendly mini-games, mastering the relevant vocabulary and grammar needed to succeed in the Quest.

For example, you’ll prepare to solve a museum robbery by working through a Mini-game on the preterite (past) tense of regular and irregular verbs—once mastered, this skill will help you investigate anything that happened in the past.

Practice Spanish: Study Abroad is accessible online through McGraw-Hill Connect or directly through

Visit the Practice Spanish website, play demo.

Herbert Snow